Downloading Tips

As a result of noise on a telephone line or connection time restrictions imposed by some Internet Service Providers (ISPs), you may experience difficulty in downloading and running software installation programs.

You can get a utility program to assist in downloading software from the Internet. Using one of the following two programs may eliminate some of the difficulties.

Download Net Vampire from their web site.
Download Get Right from their web site.

After downloading the installation file, you will need to find it on your hard drive so you can run it.
When you click the download link a window may pop up with the option "Save to Disk".
Choose the "Save to Disk" option and select a location in your computer that you will remember.

Once the download is complete you need to locate it (hppro.exe).

  • Hit the START button, then RUN and then BROWSE to locate hppro.exe.
  • or use Window's Explorer or My Computer to locate hppro.exe.
    (After locating the file, double click it to run)

If you can't find the newly downloaded file:

  • Hit the START button, then "FIND" or "SEARCH" to locate "hppro.exe".

After locating the file, double click it to run it.