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Ver 3.1     Drag and drop text and graphics, logos on labels, and much more!
Easy Mail Icon Easy Mail v3.1 Microsoft Windows
User Group Hall of Fame

Ziff Davis
five star award

Shareware Junkies
5 Stars

Absolutely the easiest way to print envelopes, mailing labels, letters and memos. Use this quick, easy, and flexible program whenever you can't use Email.
New in 3.1
Completely customize any envelope or label sheet.
Put one of our logos, or your own on any envelope or label.
Drag and drop addresses, logos, barcodes, etc.
Save and reuse layouts for any envelope or label.
Use our predefined envelopes and labels (metric and US) or configure your own.
DOWNLOAD Type your message, and then just a few mouse clicks can fax it, print it, prepare an envelope and print a label. Best of all, leave your printer settings alone! For mailing, just stick an envelope where the paper goes and let Easy Mail handle the rest. Or put a sheet of labels in the printer and print on the labels you need right now. Use the rest of the label sheet another time.

Built-in importing uses easy drag-and-drop technology to make it a snap to create Easy Mail Address Files from your existing data files.

EASY WRITER A free, Full Featured Editor for use with any version of Easy Mail. Check it out. There is no charge. Add spell checking, Thesaurus, lots more.

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New in 3.1

Privacy Statement

Visa M/C Am Ex Easy Mail is only $34.95.

Secure, reliable credit card processing. Data is encrypted and sent via SSL (Most secure method)
A preview of our order process
After you order, send us your
If you have a copy of Easy Mail, all you need is the unlocking code.
You can download a copy now: Download Easy Mail
The version you download will function for 30 days.
The emailed unlocking code will convert Home Plan Pro to a fully registered version.
E-mail the unlocking code.
also send the program on a CD. ($4.00 extra)

Email to homeplansoftware.com E-Mail your ordering information directly to us
Voice Telephone: Call 209-286-8011 during 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time
Out of USA telephone: Call: 209-286 8011

Other ordering options:
from a secure server at RegSoft: Windows 95/98/00/NT/ME/XP version
from a secure server at RegSoft: Windows 3.1 version

Download Easy Mail

Ziff Davis five star review

downloading tips
Download ezm32.exe Windows 95/98/00/NT/ME/XP Self installing exe file (1323k) (latest version)

Download ezm16.exe Windows 3.x Self installing exe file (992k) (v3.1.3)



We hope that online "Help" answers all of your questions and that you never encounter a problem while using a Home Plan Software product, but if that is not the case, we're here to assist registered customers.

If you encounter a problem, check here to see if it has been fixed in a maintenance release.

phone: 209-286 8011
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Rated 5 star at Super
Shareware !!!
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