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Easy Mail Icon Easy Writer A Free Full Featured Editor

This editor was developed by Home Plan Software for use by Easy Mail.
Place a copy in your Easy Mail directory.
Use the "Write a Letter" button as usual. Easy Mail will use this full featured editor instead of the standard editor.

DOWNLOAD OPTIONS You can Download a package complete with an American English spelling dictionary, an English thesaurus, and the help file.

You can also download just the editor, just the help file, and any of the several other dictionaries separately.

The editor is available in Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP, or Windows 3.1 versions.


Easy Mail Screen Shot


This editor is a Pre-release version. It has been tested, but depending on the user response, the final release may have different features or be implemented in a different way.

Download Options

Complete American English full featured editor Package
These files are rather large because of the dictionaries and help files. If download time is critical, you can select the files you need and download them separately.
w32v21.exe Easy Mail editor; 90,000 word American English spelling dictionary; American English Thesaurus; help file. Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP version. (2.2 mb)
w16v21.exe Easy Mail editor; 90,000 word American English spelling dictionary; American English Thesaurus; help file. Windows 3.11 version. (1.7 mb)

If you don't want the American English package, mix and match from the files below

wa32v21.exe Easy Mail editor only. Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP version. (1.1 mb)
wa16v21.exe Easy Mail editor only. Windows 3.11 version. (546 kb)

Help file
w32hlp21.exe Easy Mail word help file only. Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP version. (395 kb)
w16hlp21.exe Easy Mail editor help file only. Windows 3.11 version. (257 kb)

These dictionaries are copyrighted by their authors. They are provided by their authors for your use with Easy Mail. We are not responsible for the dictionary content or operation.
british.zip British Dictionary (265 kb)
danish.zip Danish Dictionary (403 kb)
french.zip French Dictionary (162 kb)
german.zip German Dictionary (458 kb)
polish.zip Polish Dictionary (405 kb)
swedish.zip Swedish Dictionary (168 kb)
britadd.zip British words add-on. (to be used with American dictionary) (30 kb)
thesaur.zip American English Thesaurus (694 kb)

Download WinZip if you need it to decompress one of the above files


We hope that online "Help" answers all of your questions and that you never encounter a problem while using a Home Plan Software product, but if that is not the case, we're here to assist registered customers.

phone: 209-286 8011
Write to:

Home Plan Software
Technical Support Dept.
8437 W Center Street
Mokelumne Hill CA 95245

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